What not to say to a depressed person

Depression is a real thing, and if you or a loved one are going through it, your experiences are valid and you’re always appreciated. People with depression tend to go through their own set of struggles, which always tend to be very relative to their own lives and conditions. You might find yourself to be empathetic with the core feeling of sadness, but there is a huge difference between casual sadness and clinical depression. Your first instinct is that you want to help the ones you care for, and that is most certainly a noble feeling, but you always need to know how so that you don’t end up doing more harm than good.
Giving advice may seem like a sound idea, but giving advice comes out of the assumption that you went through exactly the same experiences, and almost always that is never the case. Moreover, you should offer support to them the way they need, not always the way you see fit. Here are some things you shouldn’t say or do to cause harm:

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