The story behind Rimads

When the founder’s six-year-old son suddenly fell sick with a serious chronic condition, Rimads was born.

Here is the original mascot (Avey) which was drawn by the founder’s son. The son drew this hoping for a superhero with a cure.

Rimads original mascot

Our mission

To reshape healthcare into a safer, faster, and easily accessible ecosystem through the endless possibilities of Computer Science. 

Our vision

To offer the world an innovative healthcare solution that changes lives.

Rimads ecosystem

The Rimads ecosystem

Assess. When you feel unwell, talk to Avey, a medical AI pal to assess your case instantly & accurately.

Connect. When you need a doctor, ask Avey, who knows doctors and can connect you with the best quickly.

Cure. When you need medicines, click a button on the Rimads app and get them in your hands swiftly.

Medical assessment becomes safe & instant. Knowing and seeing the right doctors become easy & quick. Having medicines becomes convenient & fast. Healthcare is now different.

Our values

Rimads Grit




Customer Centrality