Vitamin D. Surprising benefits

Vitamins and minerals, together with other nutrients such as carbs, proteins, and dietary fats, help our bodies develop. Each has a unique impact on our overall health. Most of us receive enough vitamins and minerals in our regular diets, with different foods supplying different vitamins and minerals. Some people, however, may have illnesses that necessitate supplementation in addition to what they obtain from their regular diet.
Vitamin D is one of those essential vitamins to our bodies; it is a fat-soluble vitamin that occurs naturally in a few foods, exists as a dietary supplement, and is added to other foods. The production of vitamin D occurs when ultraviolet (UV) photons from the sun impact the skin and initiate vitamin D synthesis. Vitamin D’s primary role is to aid in the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the small bowel. Calcium is required for bone mineralization, cell activity, and appropriate nerve and muscle function. People who do not get enough vitamin D may have fragile, soft bones. Vitamin D is promoted by doctors for its function in calcium and phosphorus balance, as well as bone health. Would you like to know more about vitamin D benefits? Here you go!

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Products to get the best of vitamin D

Hi Dee Vitamin D3 50,000 IU

Vitamin D3 IU is an exceptional supplement containing 5000 IU of vitamin D3 (the most bioavailable form) per softgel. It is enriched with sunflower oil to maximise its absorption.

Solgar Vitamin D3 1000 IU 25 mcg

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is required to promote calcium absorption, which helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D also supports a healthy immune system and neuromuscular function. The Vitamin D3 in this product is the same form produced by the body when our skin is exposed to sunlight.

HealthAid Vitamin D3 10,000 iu

Vitamin D3 is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays an essential role in the immune system and is vital for the maintenance of normal muscle function. Vitamin D contributes to the normal absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorous in the body and plays a crucial function in bone formation and mineralization to help the development of strong healthy bones and teeth. 

Natures Aid Vitamin D3 400 iu

Vitamin D3 400iu (10mcg) helps us maintain normal teeth, bones, and muscle function. Alongside this, Vitamin D is involved in the cell division process and helps us absorb and use phosphorous and calcium. What’s more, it even helps us maintain normal blood calcium levels.

Lindberg Vitamin D3 10000 IU (250 mcg)

A preferred form of vitamin D that’s important for promoting strong bones and supporting immune system and heart health. Higher levels of vitamin D3 in the blood are associated with strong bones and good health, as well as a strong immune system.


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