Sweating a lot? Bad odor?

Sweat is a natural bodily function that should never cause you embarrassment. And while you may think that you “naturally” have a bad odor, there is actually no such thing if you realize what causes bad odors. All over your skin, there are tiny pores that release sweat, called sweat pores. Sweat pores release, to no one’s surprise, sweat, which is made almost entirely of water (~99%) and the rest would normally be a little bit of salt and fat.
Sweat in and of itself is odorless, so how much you naturally sweat should not worry you, so long as you take the proper hygienic steps we will discuss soon. What actually causes the odor are the bacteria that live in areas where sweat pores release more sweat than in other places, such as your armpits. That bacteria then reproduce in the water that was recently released from your sweat pores and multiply in numbers; the more bacteria, the more foul odor. Sometimes, how much sweat you release can also be directed by how much physical activity you exerted and what you ate. Regardless, you should not worry about how much or little you actually sweat because if you follow these simple steps, say goodbye to body odor!

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