Sarcoma. Early detection

Sarcoma is a kind of cancer that begins in the body’s connective tissues, which include fat, bone, muscles, and nerves. Sarcomas can form anywhere in the body since these tissues cover it, including the breast and abdomen. Because limbs include a high proportion of these tissues, many sarcomas begin in the arms and legs. Sarcoma can affect both children and adults. It is very rare, accounting for just approximately 1% of all adult malignancies. Sarcomas, on the other hand, account for roughly 15% of all pediatric malignancies.
Sarcomas are classified into two types: bone sarcomas and soft tissue sarcomas. They are further subdivided based on the type of suspected cell of origin discovered in the tumor. They all have comparable symptoms and have specific microscopic features. Sarcomas are easier to be treated if they are detected early, before the cancer has spread from its initial location. Below, you can find the common symptoms of sarcomas helping you in early detection to protect yourself and your loved ones:

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