Doha: Rimads, a leading health-tech company in Qatar launched a community rapid test campaign to contribute to the detection of the Covid-19 virus and limit its spread. As covid-19 cases and hospitalizations continued to surge, it was time for the community to relieve the pressure in Qatar’s hospitals. Rimads provided more than 700 rapid tests for the public for free.

The first edition of this campaign was launched on the 26th of January at Tadawi Medical Center and was extended until February the 8th due to the increasing demand for the test. As for the second edition, it will be held on the 9th of February at Marble Medical center, and remain in place until the 23rd of the same month.

Avey with the medical staff during the campaign

Both editions were organized in cooperation with two medical centers to provide the Ministry of Health with the necessary data to update Ehteraz. In case the patient tested positive, the ministry of health will update the concerned person’s status on Ehteraz who should stay in quarantine until he or she is fully recovered.

This campaign targets all citizens and residents of Qatar and invites them to test regularly for everyone’s safety. In order to facilitate the process of booking appointments and avoid overcrowding, people should register through the Avey app, which is available on both Google Play and App store.

The success of this social action came as a result of the joined efforts of Rimads, Tadawi Medical Center, and Marble Medical Center who aim to support the efforts of the medical staff in Qatar and keep the community safe.

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