Protect your family from Hepatitis

According to the CDC Hepatitis refers to liver inflammation. The liver is an important organ that filters blood, processes nutrition, and fights infections. When the liver becomes injured or inflamed, this might affect its function. As per the World Health Organization, Hepatitis viruses are classified into five types: A, B, C, D, and E. These five are the most concerning due to the high burden of sickness and death they inflict, as well as the potential for outbreaks and epidemic transmission. Types B and C, in particular, cause chronic illness in hundreds of millions of people and are the most prevalent cause of liver cirrhosis and cancer.
Excessive alcohol consumption, intake of infected food or water, taking certain medications, receiving contaminated blood or blood products, certain medical conditions, invasive medical procedures utilizing contaminated equipment, sexual contact, and pollution can all cause hepatitis. Luckily, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from getting infected by following some prevention measurements, here are some:
1. Maintain a healthy weight.

2. Exercise consistently to reduce liver fat.

3. Avoid high calorie-meals, saturated fat, & refined carbohydrates.

4. Prevent illicit drugs & alcohol intake.

5. Avoid contaminated needles.

6. Get medical care if you’re exposed to blood.

7. Don’t share personal hygiene items.

8. Use soap & water immediately after using the bathroom.

9. Get vaccinated. There are vaccines for hepatitis A & B.

Products for a healthy liver

HealthAid Livercare

The liver is the metabolic centre of the body, responsible for the processing of much of the body’s metabolic waste. The liver processes this through two main mechanisms, known as phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification. Modern lifestyle choices can force the liver to work hard, and nutritional support may be beneficial for it to function optimally.

Scitec Nutrition Liver Support

Liver Support contains extract of the widely known herb Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum), a source of silymarin, which is traditionally used for supporting liver function.

Earth's Finest Organic Porridge Oats

Earth’s Finest Organic Porridge Oats are harvested from organic farms in Finland. The finest oats are carefully selected, steamed and gently rolled to retain its goodness. Organic Porridge oats contains iron, magnesium, zinc and excellent source of fiber. It is also rich in antioxidants and has no cholesterol, making it great addition to your healthy diet.

Mr. Tumee Fiber

Mr. Tumee Fiber is a delicious fiber gummy for children. Gelatin-free. Awesome fruit flavors. Vegan.

IroVit Iron Supplement Oral Drops

IroVit Iron Supplement Oral Drops provides 15 mg of iron in each ml, in the most absorbable form (ferrous sulphate). It helps corrects iron deficiency anemia in infants & toddlers and helps in improving cognitive and motor function


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