Parenting a child with Down’s syndrome

It seems very daunting at first when you first get the diagnosis that your baby has down’s syndrome. Your mind may start racing with all the challenges that may lie ahead, but deep down you would already know that this child, your child, is already special simply for existing. You may start to think of all the extra steps you have to take now, the alternative plans etc., but really none of it matters still because you know you will shower this child with love.
Since it may be a confusing time, here are some numbers that should hopefully make you more at ease as a parent. 79% of parents have stated that their outlook on life has become more positive, 94% of siblings are proud of their special sibling, and 99% of Down’s Syndrome patients have reported being happy. These angels truly are a blessing to have in your life. With a few simple steps you can learn how to make the best out of it all:
1. Learn to support yourself as you support your child.

2. Be patient with your baby.

3. When explaining things, break them down into small steps.

4. Nurture your child’s growth with love and attention.

5. Regularly follow up on your child’s health.

6. If your child has siblings, educate them on being supportive.

7. Your child can do everything, they just need a little more time.

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