Nail biting: How do I stop?

Other than the fact that it does not really look that nice when someone does it, nail-biting is one childhood habit that can carry on with us and has other negative effects. Nail-biting has been shown to have other effects on the skin around your nail such as soreness, as well as tissue damage on the area around your nails, resulting in nails that look deformed.
As with any habit, it’s always a little tough to let go of and start fresh. Still, with enough determination and perseverance, there’s nothing that you really can’t do! Here are some tips to help you stop nail-biting:

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Silica obtained from marine-derived Red Algae Powder is a source of the natural trace element silicon. Silicon is found in many unrefined grains and in some seafood sources, including mussels. A unique blend of nutrients that support the health of skin, hair, and nails, structural features essential to natural beauty, along with the integrity of joints and bones.

Mavala Nail Color Cream 151 Marron Glace

The long-lasting quality paint produces a professional finish that’s even, smooth and glossy, yet comes off easily with one sweep of remover. With a small pot that is perfect for travel or a handbag, it’s an affordable way to buy into key trends. Unlike traditional nail colour, Mavala’s unique formula delivers microscopic air pockets to allow nails to breathe, ensuring your natural nails are cared for.

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