Keto diet. What to eat?

Low-carbohydrate diets have grown in common over the last several decades. These diets have varied from simple low-carbohydrate diets to ketogenic diets and even zero carb diets. These dietary methods have gained popularity due to their efficacy in causing rapid weight loss as a result of significant improvements in eating patterns and rapid water weight loss as a result of extreme carbohydrate restriction.
In a keto diet, carbs can account for 10% or less of overall calorie consumption, with protein accounting for 15-25% and healthier fats accounting for the rest. Eating in this way will assist the body in achieving ketosis, a biochemical mechanism that occurs as the body switches to burning fat for food, which occurs only when glucose levels are exhausted. To put it simply, following the keto diet effectively entails eliminating all forms of sugar and certain carbs and stocking up on foods with a high fat content. Here is a list of food to include in your keto diet:

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Products to help you in a keto diet

The Great Stuff Company Organic Keto Granola Vanilla

For a sweet taste without the carbs, this snack delivers. You can eat it with milk, as a cereal or enjoy it as a dry snack. It’s made from almonds, seeds and coconut shreds to give you that sweet taste you love while still keeping it Keto diet-friendly.

Youthful Living Keto Collagen Protein Spread Macadamia Choc Nut

A Vegan, Keto friendly chocolate flavoured macadamia nut spread. Sugar free, sweetened with stevia. Delicious to use as a spread on any health bread, crackers, in smoothies or to simply eat straight off the spoon.

The Great Stuff Company Organic Keto Crunch Almond Mint Choc & Brazil Nuts

A low carb, plant-based, artisanal snack that’s made one batch at a time. This product contains a non-GMO blend of plant proteins and fibers designed to keep you full longer and support gut health.

Youthful Living Keto Vegan Bar Café Mocha

A vegan friendly, high protein Keto bar, fuelled with plant-based protein, a full amino acid spectrum to offer the nutrients essential for living a healthy lifestyle. Our vegan keto bars are low- calorie, great tasting snack alternatives.

Youthful Living Keto Collagen Protein Spread Salted Caramel

This spread is delicious with added collagen. It provides you with your recommended daily dose of collagen. It is also filled with plant-based protein, it’s keto-friendly & free from added sugar.


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