How to prevent head lice

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), head lice are parasitic insects that live on people’s heads, brows, and eyelashes. Head lice grow near the human scalp and feed on human blood more than once a day. It is widespread among pre-school and primary school children, as well as the caregivers of infected children. Millions of kids experience head lice each year. They are frequent because they can spread whenever a child’s head comes into contact with the head of hair of another child. Anybody who comes into direct contact with somebody who has head lice is most at risk. Lice can spread at school, during sports, on playgrounds, or during sleepover parties.
It might be inconvenient to get lice. However, lice are not harmful, do not spread illness, and have no bearing on how clean someone is. Furthermore, you may learn how to treat them at home. Also, knowing what precautions to take to keep your child from contracting head lice is quite beneficial. Make sure to discuss prevention with your children. In fact, using these useful tips is the best practice:

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Products to fight lice & nits

Onetech Anti-Lice Blue Comb + Magnifier

Maximize your vision with this magnifying tool. No more combing without knowing if you are successfully removing nits or lice eggs from the hair and scalp. The Lice comb with metal teeth is positioned closely together to trap nits and lice within the comb’s teeth while combing through the hair.

Parasidose Lice & Nits Treatment Care

A proven anti-lice treatment that eliminates head lice and nits in a single application of 15 minutes. Acting by asphyxiation, it clogs the respiratory tracks of lice and nits. This treatment is adapted for the whole family.

LiceTec V-Comb

The LICETEC V-COMB is an allergen and chemical-free treatment which eliminates head lice and eggs with the ease of combing the hair.


NYDA eradicates head lice and nits in just one application.

Lice Protect Preventative Spray

Lice Protect Preventative Spray prevents infection with head lice.


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