How to spot fake friends

We’ve all been in that situation. All of us have had the bad experience of dealing with a suspicious person who, ends up becoming a friend and eventually causing havoc on our social life, and who has previously hurt, ignored, or even betrayed us. Unfortunately, this continues to happen long after high school has ended. While it is natural to have conflicts with friends from time to time, it is not normal to allow someone to ruin our lives for the sake of friendship.
You will experience this, some of the nicest friends you’ve ever had will not be with you forever. Similarly, you can have your fake friends for a long time before discovering that your entire friendship was fake. False friends can do more harm than enemies. Recognize them, expel them from your life, and never take true friends for granted. Remember that people who claim to be friends are toxic and destructive to your mental health. They’re playing the part, while you’re giving them your actual self. So, here are some warning signs that you should look for before it’s too late and you’re in too deep:

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