How to pay attention in class

All of us have the ability to fully focus in certain situations. Consider how many times you’ve been engaged in a wonderful book, or you were playing your favourite instrument, or were painting a beautiful painting, or were engaged in a good cards game. You will notice your complete attention! While sometimes you literally feel that you lost your attention. Attention is your ability to actively analyze relevant information around you while shutting out other input. It also involves the ability to pick and focus on what is relevant at any given time. That is to say, it is a complex process that includes feeling aware and engaged, selecting what we should be paying attention to, avoiding what we don’t want to pay attention to, and keeping our focus for the appropriate period of time. Attention enables us to plan or prepare our thoughts and activities, as well as monitor and control them.
The first element in the learning process is to pay attention. We can’t learn, understand, or retain what we don’t pay attention to properly. In addition, intention – which is the why of my concentration- is what drives attention. To put it another way, if you want to improve your span of attention, you must first understand why it matters. Trying some of the following techniques may improve your focus in class and improve your learning experience:

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