How to fly without fear?

Most of us have either experienced it ourselves or know someone who suffers from a severe dread of flying: nausea, the sweaty palms, shortness of breath that come upon you as you consider being stranded in the air, over which you have no control. This is known as aviophobia, and fear is more widespread than you may think. Indeed, it has a negative impact on millions of individuals, severely affecting their jobs and personal life.
People are typically afraid of flying for a variety of reasons. Some people are claustrophobic and fear being in small areas. Others are terrified of heights, hijackings, and large crowds, heights, or. The most common reason individuals avoid flying is the fear of being involved in an aircraft disaster. Many people avoid long-distance travel due to this issue, while others have discovered solutions that work for them. The following are some of the most prominent strategies for overcoming a fear of flying that have benefited others:

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