Foods to boost your femininity

The most desired companions are charming and attractive people. They are self-assured, always friendly and respectful of others. As a woman, becoming more feminine and soft might increase your attractiveness. Not only that, but it makes you feel more alive and helps you to become more of who you are on the inside. In order for a woman to be more feminine, she must put her own needs first.
Hormones may not always come to mind when deciding what to eat to feed our bodies. Hormones, on the other hand, play a critical role in our bodies. Hormones are chemical messengers that aid with growth and development, digestion and metabolism, mood and stress, fertility, and other functions of the endocrine system. Certain foods are especially beneficial to women, because they contain phytoestrogens, which mimic the effects of estrogen. This is due to the structural similarity of these molecules to estradiol, the major female sex hormone. If you feel that you’re lacking in charm in your daily life, consider including the following food list in your diet:

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Products to support women’s health

Bob's Red Mill Organic Flaxseeds Golden

The benefits of flaxseed are clear: according to the Journal of Food Science and Technology, flax is an incredibly rich source of lignans, a type of phytonutrient that offers possible health benefits.

NA Women Multi-Vitamin

Women Daily Multi-nutrient formula helps maintain Health & Vitality.

Natures Aid Women's 50+ Multi-vitamins & Minerals

Natures Aid Women’s 50+ multi-vitamin and minerals contains 35 carefully selected ingredients for everyday maintenance of good health for women aged 50 and above.

Vitabiotics Wellwoman Original

Wellwoman Original has been designed for the demands of modern life. With a wide range of nutrients and trace elements, it gives nutritional support to the areas of health that are of most relevance to women: nervous system, immune system, female health, energy levels, skin, hair and nails.

21st Century Prenatal

21st Century PreNatal provides vitamin and mineral supplementation throughout pregnancy and during postnatal period for both lactating and non lactating mothers. With no added yeast and suger free.


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