Foods to avoid during your period

It’s no secret that our bodies don’t always feel their best while we’re menstruating or in the days beforehand. Because it is a normal and vital part of a woman’s life, she must accept it gracefully. Fortunately, there are some natural remedies for PMS’s merciless pain and irritation. An active lifestyle and a balanced diet assist to avoid difficulties like cramps and breast tenderness, while yoga and meditation assist to quiet the nerves and give relief from worry and mood swings.
Women’s dietary demands change throughout the menstrual cycle for different reasons, including hormonal fluctuations. They also lose vital minerals and vitamins as a result of the bleeding. It is advised that they eat a balanced diet in line with their periods in order to recover. However, although there are things that may be done or eaten to recover and alleviate pain, there are also things that contribute to the severity of the pain and should be avoided to the greatest extent possible. So we did some research and prepared a list of foods to avoid during your period:

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