Why organic food is safer

The age old, actually wait, it’s not really that old because it popped up relatively recently in the past decade or so, debate: Is organic food better or is conventional food better? Before we jump into it, let us start by defining what Organic food is. Organic food is food that has been raised or grown without the use of any pesticides, antibiotics, or has been genetically modified. Organic food needs special attention, explaining the relatively higher price point it gets when compared to conventional food.
The term better is very broad, and can encompass things like nutritional benefit, environmental effect or generally overall impact on us and our earth. Many studies have been conducted which look into this very same topic. Studies have been made that compare both foods together nutritionally, and while organic food did show some positive health benefits, not enough evidence was there to reach a conclusion. That being said, organic food has been shown to be safer, and here’s why organic may be safer:

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Products for an organic life

Bob's Red Mill Organic Chia Seeds

These Organic Chia Seeds are tiny powerhouses packed full of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber! Add these incredibly nutritious black chia seeds to smoothies, hot cereal, baked goods—even popcorn. Or make delicious simple chia seed jam.

Heath & Heather Organic Camomile & Spearmint

Heath & Heather Organic Camomile & Spearmint Tea is naturally caffeine-free and combines a blend of organic camomile and spearmint leaves. Heath & Heather wonderfully aromatic with a delicate floral flavour, this chamomile infusion is set alive by the addition of fresh tingling spearmint leaves.

Meridian Organic Cashew Butter

Cashews are technically not a nut but the seed of the cashew apple, a tree that grows in tropical climates for example South America, India and Africa. These cashew butters are naturally gluten and dairy free, contain no added sugar or salt and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

The Great Stuff Company Organic Keto Chips Cheezy Onion

The Great Stuff Company Organic Keto Chips Cheezy Onion

Tisserand Organic Lime Pure Essential Oil

A strong, green citrus oil which cleanses the body and energizes the mind,Lime Oil is used in massage treatments as a natural detoxifying agent.


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