Proven health benefits of avocado

Avocados are green fruits with a large pit and a dark leathery skin. They are frequently consumed raw, but they can also be consumed cooked. Before eating, remove the peel and seed. Avocado is popular when smashed over toast, in guacamole, or under a freshly poached egg. It is a popular creamy ingredient in vegetable salads, tuna, and chicken. Avocado chips can be breaded and fried or baked. It’s used to make brownies, smoothies, and chocolate truffles.
Seriously speaking though, avocados are really a try. They are so good, that they’re fruits that can be used in a salad! Other than the fact that they come in all kinds of delicious meals and dips, avocados are extremely beneficial for you. Avocados have been known to be extremely nutritious, and have been shown to benefit the body. Without further ado, here are some health benefits to avocados:

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