Artelac Complete MDO

Eye lubricant that supports all three layers of tear film. Free of preservatives and buffers.

I Care Cleansing Eye Wash

I Care Cleansing Eye Wash gently cleanses and soothes tired and gritty eyes, leaving them cleansed and refreshed.iCare Cleansing Eye Wash is contact lens friendly and is supplied with an eye bath for convenience. It can be used as often as required.

Optiserum Sterile Eyewash

Optiserum is a sterile solution in single-dose of 5ml, perfectly suited to the eye hygiene.


Hylo-Gel eye drops are used to relieve dry eye symptoms. Preservative free.

Optive Fusion

Optive Fusion eye drops contain a unique formula for instant relief, superior comfort and sustained protection from dry eye symptoms.


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