Diaper rash. What to do?

Your youngster will most likely be in diapers for two to three years. You may expect at least a few diaper rashes regardless of the type of diaper you use. They are quite common and rarely serious. The majority of diaper rashes occur when a baby’s delicate skin comes into touch with pee or excrement. Diaper dermatitis is a term used by pediatricians to describe skin irritation caused by diapers.
Not all diaper rashes appear the same, just as there are a variety of diaper rash reasons. Diaper rash symptoms include bright red spots on the buttocks, genitals, or thighs that create discomfort for the infant, especially while being changed or cleansed in that area. A baby with a diaper rash, especially a severe diaper rash, is likely to be fussier than normal or to pull or tug at their diaper region. Other signs to check for include red spots spread in the creases of the baby’s skin, which might indicate a yeast infection as the cause of the diaper rash. Despite your best efforts to avoid contact, it is frequently impossible to keep your baby’s skin from looking red and itchy with infants stooling as frequently as 10 times a day and/or when your baby has diarrhea. When a rash appears in the diaper area, the following tips will be useful:
1. Keep your baby’s diaper dry & clean.

2. Change the diaper as soon as it’s soiled.

3. Use mild soap or a soap-free cleanser.

4. Avoid wipes with alcohol.

5. Use pastes/barrier creams with zinc for skin soothing.

6. Avoid using fragranced products.

7. Give your baby some time without a diaper.

8. Avoid airtight plastic pants and diaper covers.

9. Use larger diapers until the rash goes away.

10. If the rash looks infected, call your child’s pediatrician.

Products to soothe diaper rash

Cetaphil Baby Diaper Cream with Natural Chamomile

This gentle, everyday soothing formula protects the baby from chafed skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

SebaMed Baby Diaper Rash Cream

Provides reliable relief, effective soothing, panthenol helps to restore healthy skin condition.

Canesten Cream

Canesten cream is an antifungal medication used to treat athletes foot, ringworm, jock itch, fungal diaper rash and other yeast/fungal infections.

Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Water

Mustela Baby Normal Skin No-Rinse Cleansing Water cleans and softens the face and diaper area Guaranteed safety from birth.

PureBorn Size 2 Diapers 3-6kg

Pure Born use degradable plastics and 100% pure Organics Bamboo Pulp which is not bleached with chlorine. A specialized Top sheet is used for the super-soft feeling and instant dryness. Not a single tree has been cut to make this diaper.


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