Avoid these summer workout mistakes!

Regular exercise improves both the mind and the body. It lowers blood pressure and the risk of cardiovascular disease. It also aids in the strengthening of the bones and muscles. Therefore, in order to achieve the optimum benefits from exercise, it is critical to perform it correctly. While exercising, proper technique is vital to ensure that your muscles are exercised rather than stressed.
For many, summer is marked by a frenzy of outdoor activity, a natural reaction to longer, warmer days. However, when we head out into the heat for bike rides, yard work, beach swimming, or simply morning jogs, people should take care to avoid frequent summer fitness mistakes that might put them at risk:

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Products to help you workout

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF 50+ Deal

Anthelios Invisible Fluid Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ is a lightweight daily facial sunscreen made for sensitive skin providing very high UVA/UVB protection while delivering an invisible finish. This purchase is a buy 1 get 1 free offer.

Teloon 6mm Thick Pink Yoga Mat

This mat provides ideal support and cushioning between you and the floor in all types of Yoga and Pilates. Sticky, non-slip surface on both sides provides traction for better grip and balance. This product also comes with a nice carrier bag for the mat.

Botany Miron Water Bottle

This water bottle is ideal for storing healing substances, elixirs and homeopathic remedies. Use this on the go, at home, in the office, or even in the kitchen to store liquids that contain no preservatives, allowing them to last longer.

Scitec Nutrition Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Strawberry Tiramisu

Hydrolysed whey protein is widely considered the fastest-acting whey protein available. Through hydrolyzation, protein is broken it down into smaller, more easily absorbable parts for rapid absorption.

Alfa Sports Maximum Amino

Amino acids are the basic building blocks of the body. They are also sources of energy, like fats and carbohydrates. Amino acids form tissues, organs, muscles, skin and hair. Also, regulate almost all of the metabolic processes in the human body, and they are essential for a healthy body.


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