Common signs of a suicidal behavior

Suicide is a worldwide issue that happens at all stages of life. When someone you care about expresses suicide thoughts, it may be terrifying. It might be much more terrifying if you are feeling suicidal or giving up on life. Not taking such ideas seriously might have disastrous consequences, as suicide is a permanent solution to volatile issues. According to the WHO, every year, over 700,000 individuals commit suicide, which equates to one person every 40 seconds.
Suicide does not have a single trigger. Suicide most commonly happens when many pressures combine to generate a sense of despair and hopelessness. The most prevalent illness connected with suicide is undiagnosed or untreated depression. When you are concerned that someone is having suicidal thoughts and want to help them, the first crucial indication to watch for is a change in their behavior. The majority of persons who commit suicide display one or more warning signs, either via what they say or through what they do. The following are the most prevalent signs of suicidal behavior:

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