Breathing exercises. Want to try?

Our minds influence how we breathe, and how we breathe influences our minds. When we are nervous, our breaths are quick and shallow, and they tend to be in our chest. When we are calm, we take deeper, longer breaths that move the abdomen. Consider how infants breathe. When they are sleeping, their abdomen is moved by their breath; the breath is flowing, and easy. This is what we want to imitate in order to minimize our anxious sensations and symptoms. If our worried thoughts may influence how we breathe, then regulating our breathing can have a good effect on our minds.
When you feel yourself growing tight, one of the anxiety breathing techniques listed below may assist. Try one of these strategies to alleviate your symptoms and calm your thoughts. The more you do these workouts, the more effective they will become. Work through the exercises for a few minutes each day. As you practice them, you will notice that your muscles are more relaxed and that you are breathing more deeply. Once you’ve mastered them, you may apply them in everyday situations whenever you’re feeling tight or anxious:

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