Brain health. Are you worried?

The most complex thing in the universe is your brain. Hundreds of billions of cells collaborate to control your emotions, memories, movement, and speech. The goal of brain health is to keep your brain functioning optimally and to minimize risks to it as you age.
The choices you make to keep your body healthy may also be beneficial to your brain. They also help the brain cope with any changes that occur with aging and may lower your risk of dementia later in life. Take steps to keep your brain functioning at its peak. It is never too early or too late to begin living a brain-healthy lifestyle. Here are some useful tips to support your brain:

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Products to support brain health

Health Aid Brainvit Tablets

Brainvit Tablets contain selected vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants and herbs that contribute to the maintenance of good blood flow to and from the brain, assisting brain focus, memory and knowledge.

Teloon 6mm Thick Pink Yoga Mat

This mat provides ideal support and cushioning between you and the floor in all types of Yoga and Pilates. Sticky, non-slip surface on both sides provides traction for better grip and balance. This product also comes with a nice carrier bag for the mat.

Scitec Nutrition Omega 3

These Omega-3 capsules, containing two good, unsaturated fatty acids – EPA and DHA – allow that you get the scientifically suggested amounts of essential fatty acids easily!

Tisserand Organic Lemon Essential Oil

In the practice of aromatherapy, Lemon is used to uplift your mood. When applied in a massage blend, this stimulating oil will also help to detox the lymphatic system and improve circulation.

Kordel's Ginkgo Biloba 2500

Kordel’s Ginkgo Biloba is a dietary supplement that aids memory and stimulates peripheral circulation.


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