The Avey Hub Guidelines


Last updated: September 16, 2021



The Avey hub is an open digital space for people to come together from all over the world and share helpful experiences, exchange thoughts on health & lifestyle, support each other, and elevate wellbeing. Rimads is strongly committed to ensure a quality environment on the hub, characterized by authenticity, respect, safety, and trust. To this end, we defined a set of guidelines that empowers the members of the hub to freely express their opinions and engage with each other, while protecting them from any abuse, exploitation, bullying, and misinformation that could cause them physical or mental harm. Rimads is also strongly committed to safeguard every member’s privacy, data, and integrity, which we deem cornerstones for our communities. We will continue working with all the members of our communities and experts in the domain to incessantly improve these guidelines.


Next, we outline ten guidelines for using the Avey hub:


1)        Harm, Violence, Incitement, and Hate Speech:


We seek to prevent any physical or mental harm that relates to content from happening to any of our community members. Consequently, we disallow images of dead bodies in non-medical or non-educational settings and any sharing of unverifiable medical or treatment data. In addition, we prohibit content that glorifies the suffering of others, incites violence, reveals information against someone’s will, spreads misinformation that may put people at risk, and promotes harmful activities against humans and animals. Besides, we disallow direct threats to personal safety and attempts to promote or encourage people to participate in challenges that might cause physical or mental harm to them. Moreover, any hate speech or attacks against people on the bases of disability, serious disease, race, skin colour, ethnicity, social status, educational background, country, disability, religion, gender, and sexual orientation are all prohibited.


2)        Suicide and Self-injury:


On the Avey hub, members can seek support from one another, share experiences, and raise awareness about issues that pertain to suicide. However, we prohibit content that promotes or encourages suicide and self-injury. In addition, we disallow targeting or mocking victims or survivors of suicide.   


3)        Treatments and Health & Wellness Products:


For the safety and wellbeing of the hub members, we do not allow posting content that attempts to promote or trade unregulated or unapproved (by legitimate entities like US FDA and EMA, among others) treatments or health & wellness products.


4)        Fraud and Deception:


Any content that deliberately deceives or otherwise defrauds others is disallowed. In addition, all scams like identity or impersonation scams are prohibited.


5)        Sexual Exploitation and Abuse:


We recognize the importance of our members discussing and raising awareness about sexual exploitation, abuse, and violence. As such, we allow these discussions to take place on the hub and victims to share their experiences. However, we prohibit content that promotes or encourages adult sexual exploitation and violence. In addition, any content that sexually exploits or endangers children, let alone promoting or encouraging non-sexual child abuse is prohibited.


6)        Bullying and Harassment:


Any content that attempts to sexually harass, bully, threaten, degrade, shame, insult, or mock people is prohibited. In certain cases, we require self-reporting to understand that the targeted member is bullied or harassed. That said, it is important to note that misusing our reporting system to harass others is also disallowed.


7)        Human Exploitation:


Any content that promotes, facilitates, or coordinates the exploitation of humans (e.g., sex trafficking) is prohibited.


8)        Spam:


Content that attempts to sell, buy, or exchange hub privileges like moderator role, and deceive or mislead members to decrease Nahs or increase Yeahs, follows, or viewership is prohibited.


9)        Privacy Violation, Account Integrity and Manipulated Content:


Any attempt to solicit sensitive or private information from a member through deceptive means, engage in unauthorized access to the member’s sensitive or private information, or compromise the member’s account or profile is forbidden. Besides, deceiving members to download files or execute software that will compromise their data security or account integrity is considered a malicious attack and is, accordingly, prohibited. A member account that engages with any malicious attack will be suspended. Finally, any content that is manipulated in a way that makes it appear as if the subject of the content has said, written, or shared content that they did not say, write, or share is not allowed.


10)      Intellectual Properties and Legal rights:


Members control how they share their content; however, they are invited to cite, whenever possible, medical claims and always respect all people’s (members’ and non-members’) copyrights, trademarks, and legal rights. Content that violates someone else’s copyrights, trademarks or legal rights like intellectual property rights is prohibited and will be removed instantly from the hub. 


Lastly, we encourage members to report any behaviour or content that clearly violates any of these guidelines, either via directly reporting that through the app or by emailing us at