Avey cleaning glasses

Avey, Your Medical AI Pal

Hey Avey... why am I feeling unwell?

Don’t worry! Let me know what your symptoms are. I will ask you a few questions and immediately provide you with an accurate medical assessment with my very smart AI-based brain.

Avey question
Avey Book a session with a doctor

Coming soon!

OK Avey... connect me with the best doctor.

Sure! Now that I know about your case and already know a lot about doctors (thanks to my AI-based brain!), I will connect you with the best doctors either virtually or physically.

The technology behind Avey

Behind Avey is a brain that consists of a proprietary AI algorithm that taps into a sophisticated and continuously evolving memory of medical concepts.

These concepts encompass diseases, symptoms, etiologies, risk factors, signs, gender, age and more.

Here is a visualization of Avey’s brain in action! Isn’t he smart? 

Avey Artificial Intelligence